For Under $50



“Save 100s of $$$$ by making

your own beautiful wedding cake!”

Yes! it really is possible to create your own personalized wedding cake with professional and delicious results.


You might have the notion that this can only be done by professional bakeries and bakery chefs, but this eBook will show you just how practical it is to create your own.


Whether you do it yourself or have a friend do it for you, the book and companion video make it attainable.


For first time bakers or those with some experience, a professional looking result is within your grasp for just a little over the cost of the ingredients.


Are you an original Bride to Be who DOESN’T

have to follow the crowd by succumbing to the

outrageous prices of wedding cakes?


Do you have your own practical sense of style and instead of spending hundreds or thousands on a consumable item, you choose to spend your hard earned money on things like an awesome honeymoon experience or something you really need like furniture?


Be the smartest Bride in your circle by arming yourself with these easy to follow instructions and be the envy of your friends and family for saving so much money and wowing them with a fantastic cake at your wedding reception.


                        This book does all the planning for you;

                        just answer the questions, fill in the blanks

                        and follow the steps. You'll be so glad you did.


Let someone with over 20 yrs experience guide you through the steps. You may even enjoy it so much you'll refer to it again for other occasions to celebrate with cake.

Here’s what you get:


· A plan for success

· Charts to help you determine the size of your cake

· Baker’s secrets on how to get the best results

· Ideas for cake toppers and display table décor

· Tips for saving money and time

· Shopping Lists to know what to buy

· Countdown to Cake Day schedule

· Guide for additional online resources

· And more!

· 40 minute companion video with narration

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Questions?  Email us at info@DIYWeddingCakeUnder50.com

Dear Brides,


I have been creating specialty cakes for years and among the full-price wedding cakes I’ve made, I have also enjoyed donating my time for a select few sweet Brides who’s budget just didn’t allow them the luxury of having the cake of their dreams. By offering them a beautiful comparable cake within their budget, they could be proud of their own wedding cake just as much as others they had admired.


Now I’d like to bring this possibility to you. Whether by choice or by necessity, you are considering this practical option, you will not be disappointed. By using my time proven tips you will end up with a classic buttercream iced cake so delicious that your guests will be asking for seconds! And you will be proud of your professional looking results.


Your personal cake consultant,


         Liz Corbett

         of Cakes By Liz